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No. 804P / 30.06.2014



Press release


Six students from three universities in Tirgu Mures took part, these days, in a free trip in the Austrian capital of Vienna. The students are part of the winning group of the Virtual NGO contest, organized in the second phase of the second practical training session at Amphion Cultural Association, as part of the “Interdisciplinary Practical Training – A Chance for Your Future” project. The project is co-financed by the European Social Fund, through the Sectoral Operational Programme Human Resources Development, 2007 – 2013, “Invest in People!” project ID: POSDRU/109/2.1/82716.

Within this project, Amphion Cultural Association organized, on May 11th 2014, the second edition of the Virtual NGO contest, to which all the 70 students in the project target group of the second year of project implementation could participate, in order to practice and valorize the practical competencies included in the syllabus / description of the Specialized Practical Training subject and acquired by the students during the 60 hours of practical training. Also, this contest aimed to promote interdisciplinary professional excellence, and to encourage students in making the transition from school to active life, maybe within their own NGO. The prize for the winning group consisted of this trip to Vienna, where the students had the opportunity to meet with potential employers that are relevant for their majors.


The trip took place during the period June 23rd – 27th 2014 and had as destination potential employers in Vienna, Austria. The students had the opportunity to observe how practical activity is carried out in the institutions of 3 partners of Amphion Cultural Association, as follows:


·       The World of NGOs, an organization involved in the information and networking of the organizations in the Austrian civil society, non-governmental, non-profit, volunteering organizations, that actively support the development of civil society and the problems regarding European integration, using the media, publications, projects and events, many of them organized in the famous and extremely generous space of WUK Vienna.


·       Impact HUB Vienna, a unique ecosystem of resources, inspiration and collaboration opportunities, that supports the development of a more sustenable world, consisting of social businesses that adress challenges on a local and global level. The members of Impact Hub Vienna are entrepreneurs, social investors, freelancers, supporters, artists, consultants, trainers and many more. Impact Hub is an international network with over 60 locations all over the world.


·       UNO International Center in Vienna, known to the people of Vienna as UNO City, one of the four headquarters of the United Nations, together with New York, Geneva and Nairobi, with over 4000 employees from over 110 countries, that offers many internships and employment opportunities to young graduates all over the world.

In addition to the valuable proffesional experiences acquired in the study tours, the students participating in the trip to the Austrian capital had a chance to explore Vienna’s cultural treasures, from cathedrals, castles and museums, to memorial houses, archaeological landmarks and interactive exhibitions.


A great advantage that Amphion Association offered me is the possibility to observe the manner in which some institutions and organizations in Vienna carry out their practical activity. I am very excited that I won this trip, that I got the chance to visit Vienna and to know my team better. I consider this has added experience and the study tours will definitely help me shape a clearer vision of a workplace. I really appreciate the commitment of Amphion’s members, who constantly guided and helped us.

(Socol Cosmina Nicoleta – Communication and Public Relations, study year II)

I really enjoyed the study tours, from the professional point of view, I think they offer working environments that are according to my expectations. [...] I discovered an original method of working, in a relaxed environment that changes everyday, and that inspires the people working here, and gives them the chance to be more creative and original in the various projects they organize.

(Aldea Diana Alina – Communication and Public Relations, study year II)

I found out a great deal of new information about non-governmental organizations generally. We spoke about our own project and received feedback from more experienced people. [...] We discovered that, when starting a new project, in an organization, it is very important to bring something inovative and also how important it is to communicate with other institutions. [...] We learned how to keep an open mind and how to have a new approach, different from the classical workplace, how to be much more productive.

(Moldovan Renata Dalma – Communication and Public Relations, study year II)

I gained interesting professional experience, such as getting to know the exact manner of applying for European funded projects, how an NGO is founded and functions in Austria, how a HUB functions, I learned some history regarding the establishment of the UNO, and regarding the four locations of the UNO.

(Moldovan Ciprian Ioan – Law, study year IV)

The most valuable professional experiences we acquired through these study tours in Vienna relate to observing the importance of each member in an NGO, as well as the different approach of communicating within a group. We also noticed the commitment of our partners in Vienna to the work they do, and their totally different level of experience.

(Feier Adrian Florin – Law, study year IV)

I noticed that the common experiences of people can lead to the building and consolidation of an organization, and that remarkable results can be obtained in this manner. I gained new professional experience, like information on how to organize a non-governmental organization, the manner in which they obtain and use their funding, their dialogue with other NGOs and state institutions, essential for their development. The HUB concept is extremely appealling, especially for young people with ideas. Interesting information about UNO’s activities in Vienna and how they are carried out. The trip was well structured, both because it allowed us to receive information strictly related to our academic practical training, and due to the opportunities to visit the city.

(Oltean Daniel Nicolale – Theatre Studies, study year II)





Mugurel Gorea,

Public Relations Specialist, Amphion Cultural Association